Online Applications for Universities in Namibia 2018 – 2019

Online Applications for Universities in Namibia 2018 – 2019

University of Namibia Online Application 2018 / 2019

Namibia University of Science and Technology NUST Namibia Online Application 2018 – 2019

Welwitchia University Online Application 2018 – 2019

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      1. Which course will be preferable for me having 29 points in 6subjects with a F symbol in English, my subjects are physical science, math,biology and d-study

    1. Good afternoon I have a Level 6 Montessori Primary (Elementary) teacher Diploma which I obtained through Headstart Montessori Teacher Training in Namibia. I would like to obtain a degree in education and would like to know to about doing that through your institution. Thank you kindly for your assistance.

    1. Elago, this forms a part of the basic principles by which UNAM operates, and may range from scholarships to all university regulations.

      1. Is it possible to study a diploma in Office Administration at UNAM or NUST, when I completed a level 3 from a vocational training centers?

  1. Hello,
    My Name is Auta A. Kawu, I am a Nigerian citizen living in Kano state, presently working with UNICEF Nigeria a Immunization Consultant.
    I obtain a National Diploma in Community Health and post graduate Diploma (PGD) in Public Health with working experience 19 years in Public Health.
    I am asking if your University is offering an Online bachelor degree in Public Health so that I can apply and join the universe colleague.
    Best regards.

    1. John, To be eligible for admission into the Diploma in Junior Primary Education, an applicant shall satisfy the
      following minimum requirements:

      1. Subject to Faculty Special Regulations, the normal basic requirement for entrance to undergraduate programmes shall be a National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC), provided that the candidate has passed five subjects, normally in not more than three examination sittings with a minimum of 22 points (to be reviewed annually) on the UNAM Evaluation Scale. The following will be taken into consideration when computing the point scores:

      The score will be calculated by adding together the points of the best five subjects only.
      English is a compulsory subject and should normally be obtained at NSSC (English as a Second Language) grade D or better, or at NSSC (English as a First Language) grade D or better.

      2. Students who pass the University Mature Age examination.

      Please note that places will be awarded on the basis of merit. Therefore the possession of an NSSC with a minimum score does not necessarily guarantee admission. Entrance is based upon places available within the faculty. The Faculty of Education reserves the right to interview candidates before admission.

      1. hello which courses to be enrolled by mature entrly and on distance too please help me out l want to apply before due date?

  2. I want to study law , but having trouble apply , help ,apparently unam doesn’t offer B. Juris , try to apply online and you will understand what am talking about

  3. HI !

    1. Leevi, with 22 points, you qualify for any diploma or certificate program. Diploma requires 22 points, certificates require 17 points whereas degree programs require 25 points

  4. Kelvin mwasinga

    holding Malawi school of certificate examination recently live in namibia can I have opportunities to assess admission

  5. Yvonne Audrey Chakanyuka

    how are yo? i did apply for my brother Arthur Chakanyuka who wants to study criminal or corporate Law at your university and i am kindly looking forward to your reply. The students number and password you gave us for application recheck is not reachable

    1. Yvonne, you will have to contact the UNAM Admissions Office, you will receive assistance and a possible change of password.

  6. I did ict and i obtained ict certificate level 1 at Rietfontein national youth service of Namibia. I would like to came further my study at your constitution. Will you consider me?

  7. Hi,
    I am SEM, i applied through mature age intending to do transport management as a first choice so how will i be informed if i am qualified to go for the test or not……PLEASE help

  8. I am a second year student, studying (Hons) in network security and computer forensics wit Botho university in Botswana. When ever MTC’s bursary form are out, I used to be at school and I always have no chance to apply. I am to be sponsored by MTC and work for it in future. What must I do

  9. Eben-eser Epaforas

    I am Eben-eser,i obtained 35 points and E in English in grade 12 last year,but i didn’t further my study due to financial i qualify to apply at nust?

  10. I have 26 points in 6 and 23 in 5.Can I be admitted to any institution abroad.Preferably Ukraine or China(If there is any institution with preparatory faculty ).I want to do IT related course,but I have done social science at secondary level.

    1. Yes Simon, you can be admitted to universities overseas. But you should know that most institutions will require you to present SAT or TOEFL scores or other english language requirements. You are advised to visit the website of the institution for specific requirements.

  11. hi..Am trying to complete th online application form but at number 5 whre it asks my first choice, and when I enter it doesn’t show my course of choice which is Bachelor of Radiography..I need help pls

  12. Josephine Sinvula

    Hi, will there be no application forms this year and if so is there no way you can assist, because I’m finding it hard to apply online

  13. I am currently doing a diploma in office administration at Internal university management in Walvis bay. Can I register for a degree next?

  14. I am having 27points in five subjects ..but with a E in English and i would like to apply for bachelor of education secondary level. Are you guys offering any english course to improve while doing the course?

    1. Dennis, your application for admission with an E in english will be considered, although terms and conditions will be applied.

  15. Cobus Van der Walt

    I have 30+ points in 5 subjects,with a C in english.I would like guidance as to how to apply for a certificate in business.

  16. filliphus kashipare

    I am working with private doctor for morethan five years now i want to study nursing at welwitchia university in namibia will they take me with my grade 12 certificate accampany with the latter from the doctor where i am currently working?

  17. Frieda Kankoshi

    i am trying to apply now after working hour… does this internet only work during working hours? pls help The due date is tomorrow , 31 August 2017.

  18. Hi I have 26 points in 5 subjects and E in English I want to apply I want to ask if you offers courses for arts and if I qualified to apply

    1. Victoria, log into the application portal and edit your application. If your application is not editable then you will have to contact the registrars office for assistance..

  19. Hi
    I have 20points in grade 12 and I would would like to study Education junior primary next year but I just have one language which is English. Will I be admitted?

  20. I am having 17 points in 5 subjects grade 12 and a c in english i want to apply to college of arts please assist me ??with the procedures or any other institute

  21. Sam Pendapala Amukwiyu

    Sory i am dying here i need more information. I have grade 12 with a D in English, 2 yeas experience in draughting and reading house plans during construction time, and INTEC Diploma in Architectural draughting (N6) My question is will i be able to continue pursuing my career in architecture, for a degree course??

  22. hey, i wrote 28 in grade 12, but 24 in 5 subjects, is there any possibility that i can get financial assistance from nsfaf,cause i really want to study this year 2018..

  23. I have 22 points in 5 subjects in grade 12 and E in English and I’m 24 age, is it possible for me to get a loan from Nsfaf?

  24. Will i be able to apply for a loan without an admission letter from any institution while am waiting for it and scan it when it comes??

  25. Shigwedha Selma

    Good morning…I’ve 20 points in six and an F in English will I be admitted at IUM to do education for senior primary while improving my English

  26. francisco dasilva

    Good afternoon sir, i got 17 points in 5 subjects and E in English , i have a diploma in computer science and i want to study Business Management. will i be accepted to enroll in your college?

  27. Pietertjie Dandagob Hofnie

    Im having 21 points in six sibject but they are all business subjects…. what will i be able to study at NIMT..


  29. Tomas Matheus NN

    I want to study nursing with 26 points an E in English for March intake but wasn’t apply .is it possible ?

  30. I am a registered nurse/midwife ,Bsc nurse from unza,lay counselor,want to do certificate in administration in HIV/AIDs management (NQF level 5),am a zambian how do i go about it,want to study with institute for open learning

  31. i’m employed,did a post graduate diploma in hiv aids with stellenbosch. failing to settle my account. am i eligible to get financial assistance from nsfaf.

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